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Grow your business faster.

You can be an loan agent without any Security deposit or investment. Loan Agent is the only online platform that serves loan agent currently.

Loan Agent is a specialized platform that is designed specifically for individuals who want to become loan agent or who are already working in the lending industry.


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Loan Agent is the only online platform that serves you loan throght loan agent from your city.

Agent Panel

Agent Dashboard

For statistics of data dashboard is avaiable through which agent can track total loan leads, received, in process, completed and rejected loan leads along with that agent can view the list of recently viewed loan leads.


CMS for Website

Agents will get content management system (CMS) for maintaining their own website, agents will be able to update all the pages liks home page, about us, testimonial, etc. along with that agent will get feature to update SEO fields in order to fullfil search engine optimization points.

Loan leads

You will get the loan leads from all India, many of our current metro city agents getting loan leads from there cities, along with loan lead you will get all the information of borrower which is relevant in order to proceed loan for the further loan process.

loanagent_feature-lead management

Lead Management

Once loan lead is received from portal agent will be able to manage loan lead by checking all the relevant information received from borrower, agent can update loan status and add the comment to it so that while tracking loan status borrower will get all the information.


Using these feature agent can communicate with the borrower regarding loan application or ask for the documents, also the borrower can ask for the queries with the agent or can discuss the doubts.

loanagent_feature messaging
loanagent_feature loan-enquery

Loan Enquiry

People who are looking for loan enquiry will be able to submit loan enquiry form on agents portal and same loan enquiry will be shown in the agent panel so that agent can directlt get in touch with them for further process.

Offers Posting

By using this feature loan agent can attract to the borrowers by posting attractive loan offers, agnets can add multiple loan offers which will be shown to the borrowers on the front of website.

loanagent_feature offer posting
loanagent_feature seo-management

SEO Management

This feature enables agents to help their portal for search engine optimization, using this features agnets can add social links, google analytics, krywords, many more for their portal which will help for google crawling

Intuitive Frontend Website for Easy Loan Applications

  • User-friendly interface for clients
  • Easy navigation for clients to apply for loans
  • Simple and intuitive frontend design
  • Quick and efficient loan application process
  • Designed with busy clients in mind
  • No complicated forms to fill out
  • No confusing website navigation to deal with
  • loanagent_feature seo-management
    loanagent_feature seo-management

    Comprehensive Backend Dashboard for Efficient Loan Management

  • Manage loan applications easily from the dashboard
  • Track and organize client information efficiently
  • Communicate with clients easily through the dashboard
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation
  • Access all the information you need at a glance
  • Make informed decisions with comprehensive data and analytics
  • Stay on top of your loan business with a powerful backend dashboard
  • With our platform and dedicated loan agent, get the expertise and guidance you need for your loan every step of the way!

    From application to approval, our platform and loan agent offer a personalized loan experience like no other!

    With our cutting-edge technology and industry-leading loan agent, the perfect loan is just a click away!

    Business Listing

    A business listing offers numerous benefits such as boosting online presence, increasing brand awareness, attracting potential customers, improving search engine rankings, and providing credibility to the business.

    Creating and Using a Website

    By creating and using a website on a subdomain or main domain, businesses can save time and resources, enjoy customizable website design, hassle-free hosting and maintenance, an easy-to-use website builder, improved search engine rankings, and a professional-looking website.

    Subdomain Website Link Creation

    Users can create their subdomain website link by choosing a unique name and selecting their desired domain extension. The system then automatically generates the subdomain website link upon completing the setup process.

    Loan Possibility Counter

    The Loan Possibility Counter is a valuable tool that displays the probability of loan approval. It assists borrowers in determining their eligibility for a loan and enhances transparency throughout the application process. By reducing the number of rejected loan applications, it streamlines the process and improves efficiency.

    Promote Current Loan Offers

    This feature allows users to effectively promote their current loan offers on their website. By showcasing attractive loan options, it appeals to potential borrowers and increases the likelihood of loan approval. It serves as a powerful marketing tool to attract more borrowers and generate higher loan application rates.

    Unlimited Document Storage

    With unlimited document storage, users can securely store all their loan-related documents without the need for physical storage. This feature not only saves space but also simplifies document retrieval. Users can easily access and retrieve their documents, improving efficiency and reducing the time-consuming process of manual document handling.

    Create Location/Product Based Users

    This feature enables users to create distinct user accounts based on location or product. It facilitates effective management of user access and permissions, allowing businesses to control and customize user experiences based on specific criteria. However, it's important to note that additional charges may apply for each user account created.

    Share Loan Commission with Users

    This functionality allows users to share a portion of their loan commission with their network of users. By incentivizing users to refer more borrowers, it enhances motivation and fosters the development of a robust network of borrowers and lenders. This feature promotes collaboration and mutually beneficial relationships within the lending ecosystem.

    Configure Loan Product & Amount to Accept Online

    Users can easily configure the loan products and amounts they wish to accept online. This streamlines the loan application process by eliminating the need for manual intervention. Borrowers can conveniently select from the available loan options, accelerating the application process and providing a seamless experience for both lenders and borrowers.

    Notify Borrowers with Loan Progress Tracking

    Automated updates to borrowers on their loan application status, enhancing transparency, trust, and reducing follow-up needs.

    Sell Services Online

    Enables users to offer services like CIBIL verification and loan consulting, increasing revenue streams and providing convenience for borrowers.

    SEO, SMO Friendly Website CMS

    Optimizes website content for search engines and social media, driving more traffic, enhancing online presence, and providing a user-friendly content management system.

    100% Data Security

    Guarantees the utmost security and confidentiality of user data through encryption and protection against cyber threats. It also ensures compliance with data protection regulations, safeguarding sensitive information.

    24x7 Technical Support

    Offers round-the-clock technical support, promptly addressing and resolving any technical issues that may arise. This ensures quick and efficient assistance, as well as uninterrupted service availability for users.